Summer collection 2022

design with passion

The brand Oblique Creations was created for women who devide their lives between work, everyday vanity and reality and dreams.

The geometric design of the products, due to the soft laconic lines gives the models a light charm and romanticism. A distinctive feature of the brand is a variety of knitted textures, which are emphasized by a large number of color solutions. The use of natural fabrics is one of the most important requirements in the production of collections. The entire range, including accessories, is sewn off in Italy.

The Oblique Creations brand collection includes all clothing groups: dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses, accessories, outerwear, including very interesting products from combined fabrics and knitwear.

A brand with a good fit and high quality of tailoring

New Winter Collection 2022-2023

  1. Unique quality

High quality knitwear is produced on modern knitting machines with programming.
Only our brand produces five- or three-colour jersey on knitting machines with Computerized Numerical Control.

  1. Multifunctionality of models

All models complement each other and are interchangeable.
Each new collection complements the previous one and continues our trends.

  1. The uniqueness of the product range

We have a wide range of products and you always have the opportunity to choose exactly what you need.

  1. Our name is a guarantee of high quality

The @obliquecreationsofficial brand is represented in many countries around the world:
USA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Israel.
We have only good customer reviews, which proves our professionalism.

  1. 100% Made in Italy

All our collections are exclusively made in factories in Italy.

  1. Stock program for the exchange of goods

After delivery we open a wide stock for two months. This gives you the opportunity to exchange your goods if you wish.


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